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Imagination and reading has fueled my entire life. Scarcely has there been a moment where I was not in the presence of a comic, magazine or book. Voracious reader would be a great definition. Exposure to amazing characters and their adventures inspired a wild imagination in me from an early age.

For instance, ever since I was a child, I wanted to be a Ninja. I do not remember the event or trigger that inspired me to be one, but I do remember hiding behind the couch and escaping down the family home hallway, in order to not be seen by my mother, so that I could complete my Ninja mission. I had a subscription to Fighting Stars magazine and in the back of that magazine were wonderful ads for nunchakus, throwing stars and other essential Ninja weapons! I started reading everything I could about Ninjas while visiting the library. While there, I discovered other characters and adventures that sucked me into different worlds that were certainly not like our own.

The earliest comic book I remember reading was GI Joe. Storm Shadow was my favorite character and not too far behind was Snake Eyes. Opposing forces, but at the same time both Ninjas! I also got into a lot of other comic books and books about characters who were capable of amazing feats and stories that invited me along through the plot and finally to the outcome, whatever that may have been.

Growing up during the 80s and adulthood in the 90s to me, was the best time to have done so. Popular culture was at its finest for a geek like me. Cartoons like GI Joe and Transformers were on the TV. Toys of those same characters were available, and I took it all in. As I became an adult, and as a result of reading adventures, I joined the Navy. I can guarantee that I had the largest collection of Star Wars novels stored on a US Navy vessel. A record I certainly cannot prove.

Adulthood continued and my children started to grow up and take interest in the same passions about popular culture that I had. That is what inspired me to start Cybr Comics. The sharing of amazing characters and exciting stories that I have absorbed is a great passion of mine. Not only did I want to share my passions with my friends and family, I also wanted to share them with the world.

So here I am, with a mind full of wonderful characters and stories, that I want to share with you.

Welcome to Cybr Comics!

– Casey, Owner

PS – I still want to be a Ninja!

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