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Heroes Reborn – Fully Released

The final issue of Heroes Reborn has been released! Issue #7 was released on 6/16/2021. For those of you Comic Book readers that wait until the full set of a series is published before you start reading, here is your chance. On their website, Marvel has published “A Complete Guide to Heroes Reborn“. It is […]

Hellfire Gala: X-Men

Marvel has announced that X-Men will enter a new phase. Central to the reveal of Mutantkind’s Master Plan is the Hellfire Gala that begins with with the recently released Hellions #12. Spanning several issues this X-Men event will feature artists and celebrities from our world as well. While we at Cybr Comics cannot confirm or […]

Heroes Reborn Summer Event from Marvel Comics

Beginning this May Marvel Comics will be releasing their summer event titled Heroes Reborn. What if the world was different? Iron Man, Thor and Captain America did not become the Superheroes that we know today. What if the Avengers did not exist? Earth needs its Superheroes… Enter The Squadron Supreme of America! Meet Hyperion, The […]

X-Men Legends: New Comic Book Series Official Trailer

(X-Men Legends Trailer has been removed from YouTube) Marvel Comics previously announced the X-Men Legends Comic Book Series and a trailer has been released. Check it out and you will see that in the trailer, it promises that the new series will address “decades of clues and conspiracies” and reveal the “secrets of the Summers […]

Current Marvel Comics Ongoing Series

Marvel Comics is the Juggernaut of Comic Book Publishers. Comic Books are released on a weekly basis with titles on a release schedule. If you are trying to keep up with all of that, as we are, it would be very difficult. We thought that creating a resource for current Marvel Comics ongoing series would […]

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